What to Know as a Home Seller

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Real Estate

The first thing you should know as a prospective home seller is, it’s still a great market! That’s right, for over 2 years now, sellers have been uniquely positioned to get the best possible value for the sale of their homes. We even saw sellers receive offers well above asking price on occasion. It’s Economics 101: when you have more buyers than product, the price will often rise.

There are a number of reasons why sellers are still enjoying a great market. First, let’s talk a little more about that concept of inventory. During the pandemic, people everywhere began reassessing their priorities. Many decided to downsize, move out of town or even across the country for a variety of reasons. In essence, everyone was in the market for a home at the same time. Mid-priced homes, particularly, entered and left the market in record time. Current inventory is actually up from last year but it’s still less inventory than the industry was accustomed to pre-2020.

Next, there’s this business with interest rates. Interest rates are certainly up by contemporary standards. However, let’s put things in perspective. At the turn of the century, the average interest rate was over 8%. Twenty years before that, it was closer to 18%. So, while rates are higher than say 5 years ago, they’re still pretty low from a historical standpoint.

Right now, as a seller you’re holding the key to the most important tangible asset out there. No, not your vintage Beanie Baby collection, your home! For the time being, multiple offer situations look to be the norm. Lots of buyers want what you have and they’re willing to offer a fair price to get it. If only that were the case with Beanie Babies. What am I supposed to do with all these things?

Don’t think it’s all a done deal though. As a seller, focus on maximizing the curb appeal of your home to increase interest and value, especially considering a more “normal” looking housing market could be on the way sooner than later. Or, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last few years, a new version of normal. So, make those repairs, add that new coat of paint, and keep standing out from the competition!